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How to set up your store and request for approval?
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Register on ShopClues and make your store active in three simple steps of onboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will happen if "Know Your Customer" or KYC process fails for my account?

The status of your store will change into "BTP"- Back To Pending stage and an auto mailer will be sent to you. You will not be allowed to sell until your registration process is complete.

How much time does store approval takes?

Post request for approval stage from your end, store approval takes 72 hours for verification.

Why is my store status "Pending"?

The status of an account can be "Pending" because of any of the following reasons:
1. Any of the mandatory fields are not filled.
2. Store registration steps are incomplete.
You can contact on this number - 18605006000 for any assitance regarding new registration.

How can I change my pickup address?

To change the pickup address, you need to raise a ticket on Store Manager with new address details.

How can I change my personal information or bank details?

Raise a ticket from Store Manager to change your personal information or bank details.